Dog and Cat Licenses

In accordance with the Hampton City Code it shall be unlawful for any person to own a dog or cat four (4) months old or older in the city, unless such dog or cat is licensed.

How to obtain a License

Dog and cat licenses can be purchased by mail, in person, or by drop box, or you can buy them online using a credit card at

A current rabies certificate and proof that your dog or cat has been spayed or neutered must be presented at the time of purchase. To purchase your animal license through the mail please submit a copy of the rabies certificate along with the fee.

Download Kennel License Application (PDF)

Licenses Fees

DescriptionPrice of License
Dog or cat - neutered / spayed$4
Dog or cat - not neutered / spayed$10
Lifetime license for neutered or spayed dog or cat$10
Lifetime license for dog or cat not neutered or spayed$20
Kennel license to keep 10 or less dogs / cats$30
Kennel license to keep 11-30 dogs / cats$40
Kennel license to keep 31 - 50 dogs / cats$50

License Due Dates

Licenses are due each year on January 1.

Service or Guide Dogs

There is no charge for a license on any dog that is trained and serves as a service or guide dog.

Definition of Kennel

A kennel is defined by the Commonwealth of Virginia as any establishment where five or more canines, felines, or hybrids of either are kept for the purpose of breeding, hunting, training, renting, buying, boarding, selling or showing.