Traffic & Criminal Records Processing

Roles & Responsibilities

Data entry technician duties for traffic and criminal records processing include:

  • Conduct record checks for traffic, criminal and juvenile courts.
  • Enter information from Traffic Summonses into Pistol 2000 Records Management System (RMS) - Master Name Module and DMV records.
  • Handle requests for record checks from both walk-in and mail-in customers.
  • Issue books of traffic summonses to police officers recording the numbers on the summonses and the officers' name on a register.
  • Maintain knowledge of current requirements regarding freedom of information and right to privacy laws.
  • Process arrest reports by entering information into the Pistol 2000 RMS - Master Name Module, and make necessary folders for information to be maintained in files.
  • Process and complete necessary paperwork to be sent to the criminal, traffic and juvenile court on a daily basis.
  • Process, file and complete computer entries on all paperwork received from criminal, traffic and juvenile court on a daily basis.
  • Receive payments for copies of crime reports, statements, photos, etc. from walk-in and mail-in customers and record the transaction using the cash register.
  • Retrieve information from the Pistol 2000 RMS system when necessary for officers and citizens requests.
  • Update information in Pistol 2000 RMS system as necessary and files updates in permanent file.

For More Information

For more information, email us or call the Hampton Police Division Recruiting Unit at 757-727-6586.