Disparity Study

MGT of America, a nationally recognized research consulting firm, recently completed a second generation Disparity Study for the City of Hampton and Hampton schools. The first Disparity Study (PDF) was completed in January 2006. Since that time, the city has implemented several strategies based upon recommendations of the first study to support increased utilization of minority and woman-owned businesses.

The study completed in 2014 was needed to:

  • determine whether the City and Schools either in the past or currently engages in discriminatory practices in the solicitation and award of contacts to minority and woman-owned businesses
  • determine if a legally justified need exists for the continuance of a minority and woman-owned business program
  • provide recommendations regarding modifications to the existing City's 2009 Minority Business Program including consideration of race and gender based programs

The 2014 study reviewed procurement activity from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2012 (FY08-FY12). The business categories included construction, architecture and engineering, professional services, other services and goods & supplies. The study started on February 5, 2013.

View the executive summary (PDF). You can also view the public forum presentation (PDF).