Hampton's storm history

Hurricane Sandy
Oct. 30th, 2012
This storm caused less flood damage than previous storms but still affected around 50 homes in Hampton.
Hurricane Irene
Aug. 27th, 2011

Cause damage to several areas in Hampton and recieved a Public Assistance Presidential Disaster Declaration.
Tropical Storm Ernesto
Sept 1, 2006
Heavy flooding in low lying areas.
Hurricane Isabel
Sept 18, 2003
Caused heavy flooding and wind damage in Tidewater area and caused millions of dollars in damage in Hampton.
Hurricane Floyd
Sept 15-16, 1999
10-20 inches of rain on saturated ground caused record floods in Franklin in the past 500 years.
Hurricane Dennis

Aug. 30 - Sept. 5, 1999

Spawned tornadoes in Hampton with heavy rain, winds and flooding.
Hurricane Bonnie
Aug 27, 1998
104 mph winds at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Heavy rains and high winds knocked out power to 320,000 Virginia Power customers.
Hurricane Bertha
July 12-13, 1996
Spawned tornadoes across Smithfield, Gloucester and Hampton. Nine people were injured.This storm cost several million dollars in damages.
Hurricane David
Sept 5, 1979
Spawned two tornadoes. One in Newport News ($2 million in damages); One in Hampton ($0.5 million in damages).
Tropical Storm Agnes
June 21, 1972
Dumped 13.6 inches of rain on East slopes of Blue Ridge Mountains. Cost over $222 million in Virginia damages. Thirteen people were killed in flash floods.
Hurricane Camille
Aug 19, 1969
Over 27 inches of rain in Virginia mountains. 153 people died in flash floods.
Hurricane Cleo
Sept 1, 1964
Heaviest rains in coastal area since 1871 – 11.4 inches in 24 hours.
Hurricane Donna
Sept 12, 1960
138 mph winds at Chesapeake Light Ship. 3 area deaths.
Hurricane Gracie
Sept 30, 1959
Dropped 6.9 inches of rain at Norfolk Airport in 24 hours. Spawned tornadoes near Charlottesville that killed 11 people.