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Mission Statement

The Division's mission is to support the City by facilitating the translation of community values, goals, and objectives into a vision for the physical development of the most livable city in Virginia.

Staff Directory

Email Michael HayesPlanning and Zoning Administration Manager
(757) 728-5244
Email Frank GloverCity Planner(757) 727-6221
Email Resilient Hampton
Resiliency Officer(757) 728-5221
Email Angela LeflettZoning Official
(757) 727-6078
Email Terry P. O'NeillDirector(757) 727-6140
Email Hannah SaboZoning Administrator(757) 728-5144
Email James GillieSenior Zoning Official(757) 728-2040
Email Steve ShapiroDeputy Director(757) 727-6140
Email Allison JackuraCity Planner(757) 728-5233
Email Olivia AskewCity Planner(757) 727-6301
Email Donald WhippleChief City Planner(757) 728-5235
Email Joseph Dennie
City Planner(757) 728-3218
Email Garek Hannigan
City Planner(757) 727-6057