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Appointment Process

The general process for selecting candidates for appointment to City Council boards, commissions and committees for the City of Hampton is as follows:

  1. A citizen expresses an interest in serving on a board, commission or committee.
  2. The Hampton citizen reviews the list of Hampton boards, commissions and committees, and views the information about the group. There is access to the board bank application if appropriate and a link to a website if available. The citizen reviews any particulars regarding a committee, commission, or board before applying. When ready, the citizen applies using the application available on each board, commission, or committee page.
  3. A list of interested candidates is kept on each board, commission and committee. As applications are received they are reviewed and the individuals' names are added to the board, commission and committee list in which interest was expressed.
  4. When a vacancy occurs on these boards, the clerk will search the lists, and the names of interested candidates are forwarded to the City Council for consideration of appointment. Applications of individuals are available to the council upon request.
  5. Interviews are not held.
  6. Following appointment to a board, commission or committee, the individual is notified in writing of the appointment. Information provided includes the length of term, expiration date and a contact person.

Note: There are certain exceptions to the above process. This is because the appointees to these bodies should possess certain knowledge, abilities or skills. The exceptions are:

Additional Information 

The information on those entities contains general information but vacancies are advertised, resumes are required, and an interview process is followed.

Additionally, appointments to the Neighborhood Commission and Youth Commission have specific processes which are fully outlined in their Information Boxes.

Please note that City Council members submit names for consideration, as well. Therefore, appointments are made from applicants and suggestions submitted by the council.

Determining Vacancies

To determine when vacancies occur on boards, commissions and committees, call the Office of the Clerk of Council at (757) 727-6315. A synopsis is available on each board indicating the number of members and purpose.