About Us


Our purpose is to assist with the services of the handicapped in the various functions of everyday life. The Committee is organized and solemnly dedicated to assisting disabled citizens of the City of Hampton regardless of race, color or creed, in accordance with the philosophy, objectives and programs as follows:

  • Cooperate and consult with other committees, agencies and organizations in appropriate activities having to do with people with disabilities.
  • Develop and conduct educational programs for the public; for professional personnel concerned with the treatment of people with disabilities; for families; for employers and others as a means towards helping people with disabilities achieve fuller and better lives and vocationally within the community.
  • Propose programs and services in health, welfare, education, recreation and employment which are necessary for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities in the community.
  • Represent the office of the mayor as appropriate.
  • Review and make recommendations on legislative matters concerning people with disabilities.
  • Undertake such special projects in the interest of people with disabilities as the mayor may assign.