Paperless W2 Instructions

Here are ten easy steps to going paperless with your W2s with iPay: 1. Visit iPay here.

2. Click on "Login" and enter your user name and password and click "OK"

3. Select W-2 at the top of the page (under "Your Pay Statements Summary") 4. Click on "Go Paperless" on the right side of the page (under "Things You Can Do") 5. Select box next to "Access my W-2s and 1099s online only"

6. Click "Next"

7. On Agreement screen: click "Accept"

8. On Confirmation screen: enter the numbers on the screen in box at the bottom of the page and click


9. On Thank You screen: check your email address; if it is correct, click "Done" (if you need to change it, click

"Edit") 10. You're finished! Log out of your account by clicking on "Logout" at the top right hand of the page