Stormwater fees

Hampton’s stormwater fee — $141.96 per year effective July 1, 2023 — is collected along with real estate property tax bills that are due in June and December of each year.

The fee is a result of the Clean Water Act of 1987, which requires cities of 100,000 or more to reduce pollution before it gets to the Chesapeake Bay. The fee is based on the "equivalent residential unit" — the amount of stormwater runoff from an average single family property. All residential and commercial property owners have to pay the fee.

City Council established the fee during the 1994 fiscal year because there are no federal or state dollars provided to implement water quality measures. Hampton uses the money to pay for various programs related to water quality, including environmental education, street sweeping, capital improvements to the water system, drainage maintenance, administration, review of permits, inspections and monitoring activities.

If you have general questions about your stormwater bill, dial Hampton’s Customer Call Center at 3-1-1 or 757-727-8311.