Armistead Pointe Park Master Plan

What do you want to see built next at Armistead Pointe? Consultants and city staff are gathering information an input for proposed recreational projects. Three ideas emerged from the initial rounds of study and input: An expanded sportsplex/indoor track; an expanded and relocated BMX park; and a 50-meter pool. While all three projects remain under current study for the city, the current focus for Armistead Pointe is an expansion of the sportsplex, plus some other, chiefly outdoor, community and school recreation. (Other sites are being considered for possible BMX expansion and 50-meter pool.)

map There are currently three draft concepts (PDF) for future development on which citizen input is sought. All feature an indoor facility addition or expansion, with different combinations of other recreation facilities.

Since the 1998 Armistead Pointe Park Master Plan (PDF) was first approved, the 79-acre site at Armistead Avenue and Hampton Roads Center Parkway has changed: The Boo Williams Sportsplex has been built. the Coliseum Central Master Plan was completed, and the area has become a regional draw.

An interim consultant report (PDF) looked at Hampton's ability to support regional revenue-based destination recreation and leisure programs, such as: an aquatics center, indoor soccer complex, or multiple sports complex.

One or more of those could be located at Armistead Pointe Park, or elsewhere in the city.