PC/Laptop Ordering Process

Procedures For PC & Laptop Purchases

**Attention: The City of Hampton has now transitioned to HP's for City Employee PC Orders


IT recommends that all pc's on the network be under warranty, to provide you with the best response possible if a technical problem occurs. The City purchases 4-year warranties for all HP equipment. Therefore IT recommends that departments plan to replace their pc's on a 4-year cycle.

Quote Process

We offer 3 standard models as shown below. Each has options, such as memory, monitor quantities and sizes, docking stations, etc. Typical prices are shown below. Please note that MS Office licenses are not included in these price ranges:

  • Desktop PC:
    • $740 to $1,300 each (monitor not included)
  • Laptop:
    • $1,060 to $1,800 each
  • WorkStation for GIS/other applications that require non-standard processors:
    • $1,500 and up each (monitor not included)
  • Monitors:
    • $150 and higher
  • Microsoft Office:
    • $300.86 for Standard (Outlook, Word, Excel, & PowerPoint)
    • $409.34 for Professional (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher)
  1. Determine your budget, the types of computers you need (desktop, laptop, workstation), and the quantity of each. Include the size monitor you need, the quantity, and any other details. If you are unsure, include your questions in your email to him.
  2. Email this information to Networking Technologies + Support (NTS). A Networking Technologies + Support (NTS) representative will provide you with a quote within 3 days, as well as a phone number if you'd like to discuss options.
  3. Quotes are valid for 60 days. Your requisitions should therefore be entered into NWS, approved by IT, and promoted to a PO by Procurement within 45 days.

New World Systems Process

IT is the 3rd level approver for computer purchases. It's critical that you follow these NWS instructions, or your order cannot be processed.

  1. Create two requisitions in NWS using the instructions below:
  2. Attach the eQuote from Networking Technologies + Support (NTS) to both requisitions.

When your order arrives, IT will coordinate delivery/setup with the point of contact indicated in your requisitions.

About Other Offers

You may see other offers which appear to be better deals than what is available from the State contract. Our systems come with standard 4-year warranties compared to a typical 1-year warranty in the home market. They are rated for business use rather than personal/home use, which means the components are sturdier than most home market pc's. Further, many retail offers are quoted with home versions of the operating system and various business software packages, and are not licensed for/compatible with our network.

If you have questions about the process or would like us to investigate a specific offer, please email the IT Helpdesk with that question and we will be happy to assist.