Hampton You Make A Difference Awards

Award Program Overview

The City of Hampton's Neighborhood Commission is proud to continue the tradition of providing leadership, guidance and support to the Hampton Neighborhood Initiative to create healthy neighborhoods. The Hampton Neighborhood Award s provides an excellent opportunity for Hampton residents to celebrate the hard work and dedication of their neighbors in forming partnerships that contribute to the vitality and health of Hampton's neighborhoods.

This year, the City of Hampton's Neighborhood Commission "You Make a Difference" Recognition Program will honor one award for each of the following categories:

Nomination Forms

Nomination Criteria

Please submit the following information to apply for an award:

  1. Any supporting documents (i.e. letters of support, project photos, project maps event fliers, newsletters, presentations…)
  2. Nominators are encouraged to work with their respective Neighborhood Commissioners to complete the Nomination Form.
  3. All nomination forms must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on the date set by the Community Appearance Pride and Image Committee.

    Forms can be hand delivered, mailed, faxed or e-mailed to J. Bryson to:
    • Community Development Department
      Attn: Housing and Neighborhood Services
      22 Lincoln Street
      Hampton, Virginia 23669
      Fax: (757) 728-2449
  4. Forms will initially be reviewed by staff and sent to the respective Neighborhood Commissioner to request any additional information.
  5. Completed forms will be reviewed by the Community Appearance Pride & Image Committee based on the described criteria.
  6. All nominees will be invited to attend the “Hampton You Make A Difference” event where awards will be present to the selected nominee.

Nomination Requirements 

Nominations will be reviewed by Housing & Neighborhood Services Staff and the Neighborhood Commission to ensure the following information is provided:

  1. A description of the worthy project, organization or individual.
  2. A description of the goals and if the goals were met.
  3. A brief summary of how other assisted (please provide examples). A brief summary of new or revived partnerships.
  4. An explanation of why the project/individual should win the award.
  5. A summary of how the project or individual sustained or made the community better.
  6. Any documents that support the nomination.