Neighborhood of the Year Award

Eligibility & Review Criteria for the Neighborhood of the Year Award

The neighborhood of the year award recognizes the efforts of residents to make a significant impact in the quality of life of their neighborhood. Nominees represent the most engaged, active, and passionate neighborhoods in the community. They have set and made progress towards community goals that improve either the physical or social environment in the neighborhood.

The efforts of the neighborhood should reflect the guiding principles of the Hampton Neighborhood Initiative:

  • Inclusiveness: Encourages and fosters opportunities for all neighborhood residents to have a meaningful role
  • Communication & Support: Provides or developed methods of communicating within their neighborhood and with community partners
  • Bias for Action: The organization is focused on taking an active role in the community that sees tasks through to completion
  • Commitment: Concerned with the long term health of the community beyond the immediate issues and concerns
  • Build on Strengths (Asset Focus): Considers how strengths of the community can be promoted and expanded by developing resources rather than fixing problems
  • Continuous Improvement: Evaluation, succession planning, and capacity building are values demonstrated by the organizations over time

Eligible organizations must be a current Registered Neighborhood Serving Organization with the Neighborhood Commission.

Nomination Form