Mary B. Johnson Award

Eligibility & Review Criteria for the Mary B. Johnson Award for Neighborhood Leadership

Mary B. Johnson (December 25, 1915 to  July 13, 2011) was a foundational leader in the Newtown neighborhood for over 40 years. Her work as an educator, a principal, and community volunteer exemplified her belief in service learning, education equality, and citizenship. As a community leader she embodied many of the ideals that make Hampton's neighborhoods great – everyone has value and everyone makes a difference.

This award is open to any citizen of Hampton that has demonstrated the key qualities of a good neighborhood leader. These qualities include, but are not limited to:

  • an inclusive approach,
  • asset-based focus,
  • a partnership builder, and
  • a care and commitment for their community.

The leadership and advocacy of the individual's effort must have been performed in a volunteer capacity. The work of the individual must have address social, civic, and/or cultural aspects of a Hampton neighborhood during the past year.

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