Dr. Michael J. Canty Award

Eligibility & Review Criteria for the Dr. Michael J. Canty Award for Project of the Year

Dr. Michael Canty (1959 to 2010) worked as a tireless advocate for community partnerships between local government, non-profit agencies, school systems, faith based organizations, and community groups. His partnership work with the City of Hampton exemplified his belief in that organizations must work together differently, for the greater good of the community, if they are to create lasting change in the community. His advocacy work for out-of-school time, youth development opportunities, and community resource development demonstrated that a few passionate people, sharing their unique strengths together, can make a big difference.

Eligible projects are those that:

  • have made a significant impact on one or more neighborhood(s),
  • develop effective partnerships within the community,
  • brings neighbors together to make physical improvements and/or to build a better sense of community and belonging among residents, and
  • overall, create a healthier neighborhood.

The project may be focused on the social, civic and/or cultural aspects of a neighborhood and must have been completed within the last calendar year.

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