Registered Neighborhood Organizations

Hampton Neighborhood Initiative

The Hampton Neighborhood Initiative is a partnership of neighborhood-serving organizations, the Neighborhood Commission, the City of Hampton, area businesses and non-profits that is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Hampton’s neighborhoods. An eligible organization can participate in the Hampton Neighborhood Initiative; the basic criterion for participation is that the organization be inclusive, is working at a neighborhood level and follows the guiding principles of the Hampton Neighborhood Initiative.

A participating neighborhood organization must demonstrate that they have given everyone in the organization the opportunity to participate. A neighborhood-serving organization is an inclusive group of neighborhood stakeholders who come together in order to work together to make their and other neighborhoods better (Examples: churches, garden clubs, PTA's, and neighborhood associations).

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The Guiding Principles of the Neighborhood Initiative are listed below:

  1. Hampton neighborhoods are valuable community assets.
  2. City government should be flexible enough to serve the unique needs of individual neighborhoods.
  3. Partnerships are critical. Everyone has a stake in neighborhoods and everyone has a contribution to make.
  4. Neighborhoods should be places where families are strengthened and youth are supported.
  5. Neighborhoods should be safe, offer economic opportunity, support social interaction and civic involvement, and provide recreation and education opportunities to all residents.
  6. Neighborhoods should be places where people want to live.


The Housing and Neighborhood staff has experience helping leaders develop and strengthen their neighborhood organizations. With services including conflict mediation and membership recruitment, we can help you equip your neighborhood with the skills needed for success, resiliency, and urban sustainability. Here is a sampling of the assistance we provide:

  • Work one-on-one with leaders to help develop communication skills.
  • Develop strategies to engage all neighbors in a community.
  • Help identify community assets.

Funding for Neighborhoods — Neighborhood Development Fund (NDF)

The Neighborhood Development Fund (NDF) Program consists of the Community Connections Program (CCP) and the Places and Spaces Program (PSG) and has been available as a component of the Hampton Neighborhood Initiative to promote strong partnerships and the healthy development of City of Hampton (the “City” or “Hampton”) neighborhoods. 

Various neighborhood-based organizations throughout the city identify and develop projects and events.  Currently, the NDF Program funds projects and events in neighborhoods which involve physical improvements to public property.

The Program utilizes existing local programs and resources to leverage the participation of other public, private, and non-profit organizations. Consequently, applicants are encouraged to develop proposals that maximize available resources and strengthen partnerships.  

Benefits of Registration 

Benefit Overview 

Participation in the Registered Neighborhood Program gives neighborhood organizations access to several benefits from various city agencies. These benefits are offered because an organization is considered a community partner in improving the places where they live through volunteerism, representation, building relationships, encouraging community resiliency, and fostering inclusive and caring communities. The following benefits may change or be suspended based on the ability of the agency to offer them, changes in staffing capacity, or unforeseen circumstances (state of emergency, closures…). An organization that does not embody the guiding principles or operates as a good partner with the organizations below may be restricted in their access to such benefits at the discretion of the partner agency or the responsible Neighborhood Commission committee. 

Potential Benefits 

Neighborhood Programs

  • Eligible to apply for Community Connections Program for social events. 
  • Eligible to apply for the Places and Spaces Program for physical improvements in their community. 

Recognition & Promotion 

  • Recognition by the Hampton Neighborhood Commission at various times of the year. 
  • Opportunity to spotlight your organization. For example: Neighborhood Commission meetings, City media, Channel 47 special event promotions, and communication to Council. 

Events & Meetings 

Communication & Awareness 

  • Automatically signed-up for the Hampton E-News for neighborhood related events, opportunities, and news. 
  • Notified of rezoning petitions and planning processes by the Community Development Department. 
  • Added to official contact lists for neighborhood-level public meetings related to rezoning and land use cases. 
  • Notification from local agencies that may interest residents, including special events, training, grants and other neighborhood opportunities. 
  • Opportunity to build organizational coalitions and obtain community input on private sector projects. 

Coaching & Other Support 

  • Priority access to training opportunities, including the Neighborhood College, Hampton 101, Hampton Leadership Academy and neighborhood-related workshops. 
  • Opportunity for technical assistance (dependent upon the availability of staff/commissioners) in improving: 
    • Outreach efforts and effectiveness of your organization. 
    • Methods to address complex community issues.

Registration Process

  • Complete the Registered Neighborhood Organization application online
  • Neighborhood registrations are reviewed by the Neighborhood Commission.
  • In most cases, registrants should anticipate their first status update within 30 days of submission. 
  • If approved as a neighborhood organization, complete an assessment within 90 days of registration.
  • For more information on the Registered Neighborhood Organization program's policies and procedures, please download the policies and procedures document (PDF).

Renewal Process

To maintain your Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) status with the City of Hampton, you are required to renew your registration and update your contact information annually with the Housing and Neighborhood Services. 

Annual RNO updates are required between January 1 and March 31 of each year, regardless of the time of year of original registration.  

Please know that according to the RNO Program policy, if a registered organization does not respond to requests for updates or a current update is not provided within the three (3) month period, the organization will be removed from the current RNO listing. Those removed from the listing will be required to resubmit their registration for review by the Neighborhood Commission.

Click here to fill out the Registered Neighborhood Organization Renewal Form and Annual Survey.


List of organizations

You can consult the current list of Registered Neighborhood Organizations below: