Neighborhood-Serving Organization Registration Program Policy

Purpose of Program

The primary purpose of the registration program is to serve as a tool in identifying and developing relationships with key organizations and networks that make up the Hampton community. The registration program helps to initiate and maintain current contact information for neighborhood serving organizations throughout Hampton. These organizations represent a variety of interests, concerns, and perspectives but all are actively involved in improving the community through their ongoing efforts.

Eligible Organizations

A neighborhood organization is defined as an inclusive group of neighborhood stakeholders who work to make their local neighborhood or community better. Neighborhoods have both geographic (placeoriented) and social (people-oriented) components. Neighborhood-serving organizations represent specific interests and provide services to the local community and potentially the community at large. Both Neighborhood Organizations and Neighborhood-Serving Organizations are eligible to register for the Neighborhood-Serving Organization Registration program.

  1. Neighborhood Organization
    • Neighborhood organizations are primarily place based organizations that serve a smaller defined area of the Hampton community. These organizations, while representing unique interests and participating in various social activities, generally focus their efforts in a specific portion of the community but also represent a broad range of stakeholders. Examples: neighborhood association, block club, homeowners association, etc.
  2. Neighborhood-Serving Organization
    • Neighborhood-serving organizations are primarily people based organizations that often serve a broader area within a specific interest or activity in the community in the community. These organizations typically represent residents from multiple geographic areas of the city; generally focus their efforts on specific segments or interests of residents. Neighborhood-serving organizations typically are not bound by geography but by scope or activity. Examples: PTSA, Scouts, recreational association, special interest group, etc.

Benefits of Registration

  • Recognition by the Hampton Neighborhood Commission
  • School facility use without insurance
  • Web-site development and linkage to the Housing and Neighborhood Services web page
  • Inclusion in Hampton E-News for neighborhood related events, opportunities, and news.
  • Priority access to training opportunities, including the Neighborhood College and workshops
  • Technical assistance in
    • the outreach efforts of your organization
    • assessing the effectiveness of your organization
    • improving your organization and addressing complex quality of life issues

Annual Updates

Registered organizations are required to annually update their contact information either through their Neighborhood Commission representative, Capacity Committee members, or Community Development staff person.