Battle of Hampton

Revolutionary land, sea struggle will be highlighted

The Hampton History Museum presented the first-ever re-enactment of the Battle of Hampton on Oct. 24 and 25, 2015, in and around Downtown Hampton's waterfront and parks.

The two-day event brought to life the land and sea battle that started the Revolutionary War in Virginia.

"This truly will be a unique re-enactment experience," said Luci Cochran, executive director of the Hampton History Museum. "It won't be a fight between two armies in a remote field somewhere. This is a land and sea battle, with colonists fighting from the shore, and the British firing cannons onto the shore from ships in the harbor, and close combat in the city's streets."

Nearly 100 re-enactors portrayed troops involved in the battle. Patriots clashed with a small flotilla of period boats determined to land British Redcoats determined to burn Hampton to the ground.

"The Battle of Hampton, which occurred on October 26-27, 1775, marked the beginning of revolutionary warfare in Virginia. Six months had passed since the battles of Lexington and Concord, but blood was not shed in Virginia until fighting started between Virginia patriots and forces aligned with Britain," says Mike Cecere of the 7th Virginia Regiment, the hosting re-enactment group.

Both days began with activities at both the British and patriot's camps in Mill Point Park. Visitors heard both sides of the story, experienced daily life of the soldiers, and were invited to participate in activities, including muster and drill.