Reuse of the Hampton Circuit Courthouse

hampton circuit courthouse.jpgThe Hampton Circuit Courthouse will relocate in early 2016. A public process to gather input on potential reuses of the building has stimulated a variety of ideas.

At this time, the City is further investing a multi-faceted arts proposal from the Courthouse Initiative Group which encompasses many ideas proposed during the first public input meeting. Based on the model of the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, the proposal includes both non-profit and for-profit ventures with art courses, artists in residence, studio space for rent, a café, a screening theatre, and a business incubator, among other uses. An emphasis is being placed on the importance of art to be a profession in addition to a hobby, and the ability of art and art-based skills to be translated to other fields.

View the presentation (PDF)

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Other ideas from the forums include: Art studio space, Maker Space, Art Education Institute, Co-working Space, Art Center, Focal point for Arts District, Theatre, Café, Brew pub, Comedy Club, Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Homeless Shelter, Museum, Hampton History Museum, Aquarium, Retail Shop, Registrar's Office, Law Enforcement/Probation Offices, Courtrooms for Mock Trials, Meeting space, Wedding Venue


Questions and comments may be directed to Alison Alexander, Senior Planner, at (757) 728-5238 or by email.