Staff Contacts

We are experts in business development and redevelopment, with detailed knowledge about the community, the workforce, business incentives and more.

The City of Hampton is dedicated to improving the quality of life for both residents and businesses. 

Contact us to find out more:

  1. Susan Borland

    Senior Business Development Manager
    Phone: 757-728-5149

  2. Economic Development

    Phone: 757-727-6237 or 800-555-3930

  3. Ashley Gilmartin

    Business Development Manager
    Phone: (757) 728-5147

  4. Daniel Girouard

    Asset Manager
    Phone: 757-728-5169

  5. Teresa Hudgins

    Administrative and Financial Manager
    Phone: 757-728-5162

  1. Steven Lynch

    Senior Business Development Manager
    Phone: 757-728-5168

  2. Terri McCann

    Business Development Manager, Enterprise Zone Administrator
    Phone: 757-728-5122

  3. Erica Spencer

    Minority Business Coordinator
    Phone: 757-728-5179

  4. Toni M. Williams

    Business Development Coordinator - Phoebus
    Phone: (757) 727-0808

  5. Mike "Yaz" Yaskowsky, CEcD

    Senior Business Development Manager
    Phone: 757-728-5166