Visitation GuidelinesCommunity Corrections Center

  • All visitors must be on the inmate's visitation list
  • Visitors must sign in one hour prior to the end of the visitation completion time.
  • Visits will be 30 minutes
  • All visitors are subject to search

Download Inmate Visitation Schedule (PDF)

Dress Code for Visitation

All parties visiting inmates in the custody of the Hampton Sheriff's Office are required to dress in a respectful and appropriate manner when entering the facility. This includes, but is not limited to the following guidelines:

  • No see-through tops or bottom clothing (to include cut-out/ripped pants)
  • Midriffs/stomachs are to be covered at all times.
  • No halter-tops, tank-tops, spaghetti or strapless tops or muscle shirts are to be worn. Backs are to be covered at all times.
  • No mini-skirts or short-shorts allowed
  • No bathing suits, lingerie or pajamas allowed
  • With religious and medical exceptions, no hats, headscarves, bandannas or handkerchiefs may be worn
  • No bare feet or bedroom slippers. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • No exposed underwear
  • No clothing with gang, obscene or vulgar wording or pictures

The supervisor has the discretion to deny the visit based on the clothing of the visitor. The Hampton Sheriff's Offices expect and appreciate the full cooperation of the public.

Violation will result in a refused/cancelled visit. Repeated violations will result in refused visits indefinitely.