Solid Waste (Trash)

trash truckThe Solid Waste Division picks up household waste, yard waste, scrap metals, and bulky items from residences weekly within the City of Hampton. The division also collects household recycling every other week.

Trash rules enforcement

In an effort to control increasing costs of trash collection, Hampton will begin issuing violations and fines for customers who fail to follow the regulations.

These measures, announced in January, went into effect July 1, 2023, to give residents time to get better acquainted with the rules and to avoid fines. 

For the first violation of a calendar year, residents will receive a written warning. For the second, a $50 fine will be issued, and for each subsequent violation a $75 fine.

Read details of the trash rules at

Check your Pickup Days

To see which day your trash will be picked up, you can view this map. Determine if your residence is located in a “blue” or “green” zone and use the legend to see which day your trash is picked up.

You also can get address-specific information by visiting our GIS website. To use the GIS website, follow these steps:

  1. Check the box labeled “By checking here, you agree to the information provided above” and click “Enter Site” to access the GIS website
  2. Type your street number and street name into the individual fields and then click the "search" button. You do not need to enter the PIN/LRSN/RPC.
  3. Click on your search results.
  4. Go to the tab that says "City Resources." Under the Public Works heading, you can see the day your trash and recycling will be picked up.

Recycling is collected every other week, marked as "blue" and "green" weeks on this calendar. Determine whether you are in a green or blue area by viewing this map. Learn more about what can be recycled here.

Do you have something to report or ask Public Works? Call the 311 Call Center by dialing 757-727-8311 or use our online form for the following questions or concerns.