Recreational Vehicle (RV) Regulations

There are limitations on the number and location of motorhomes and towed recreational equipment (such as boats) in traditional residential lots. Residents may have a maximum of two of these on most lots, with only one allowed to be a motorhome. There are additional requirements which include:

  • Only one can be parked in the front or side street frontage yard.
  • These vehicles must be parked on an improved driveway which connects to the street.
  • Motorized boats or jetskis not on a trailer may not be parked in front or side street frontage yard.
  • These vehicles cannot be parked so as to obscure the home, block emergency escape entrances, or be within 3 feet of a side or rear property line.
  • Motorhomes cannot be used as a dwelling.
  • Items stored in a garage or shed do not count against the total number limitation.

These are only some of the relevant restrictions. Rules for larger lots, exceptions, and full details are in the city's Zoning Ordinance

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