Public Works Safety

Public Works Safety - backhoeWelcome to the Department of Public Works Safety where employees and guests can find information on: 

  1. Safety Policies
  2. Safety Programs
  3. Safety Training 
  4. Information on Public Works upcoming training and safety events.

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Along with the duty of providing superior service to all city residents and visitors by maintaining the City's infrastructure, facilities, and fleet, the Department of Public Works takes great pride in the safety and wellbeing of its employees. Safety on the job and each employee's health and personal safety are of the highest importance in all phases of our operation. Without a safe working environment and a healthy workforce, we will not meet our goals of being the "Most Livable City in Virginia." Employees are the City's number one asset and are responsible at all levels for following all policies, procedures, and local, State, and Federal laws. Employees, contractors, and guests can find information on staying safe when working with or within our team through this website.

Public Works Safety Policies

Public Works Safety Programs