The Early Years

MAIN-prenatal-to-iconHelping parents from birth to age 4

The programs are designed to be a resource and offer support to new and expecting parents. By sharing personal experiences and incorporating current research, parents can gain insight on early development and how to relate and effectively communicate with their babies. View class schedule and register or for more information, call 757-727-1300, Ext. 3.

lamb-iconChildbirth: Let's Get Ready. How do I do that?
The baby is coming, whether you're ready or not. Knowing what to expect can help things go more smoothly. This course is eight weeks and is offered at Sentara Careplex.
  • Week 1: Let's get ready: What you can expect from labor and delivery.
  • Week 2: How much is this going to hurt? Contractions and labor. How can I minimize the pain?
  • Week 3: Medications & interventions. Do I have to have natural childbirth? What medications are available for pain? What if I need a cesarean section?
  • Week 4: The baby's here. Now what? Care for mom, postpartum concerns, going home from the hospital with your newborn.
  • Week 5: Feeding questions. What/when/how do I feed my baby? Can I breastfeed? Do I have to? When do I start solid foods?
  • Week 6: What if my baby won't stop crying? My baby is fussy. How do I know what's wrong? What can I do to calm him or her?
  • Week 7: Hazards everywhere. All of a sudden, baby is crawling, which is great. Until you realize nothing in your house is safe, including baby. Here are tips for how to childproof your home.
  • Week 8: Crawling, walking, talking, sleeping, teething. Your baby is going to go through many stages in the first year: laughing, teething, crawling, standing up. Maybe even sleeping though the night!
mom-kids-iconNurturing Parents of Children, Ages 1-4 * Children's needs change as they move from rocking and cooing to toddling and chatting. In this 12-week course, parents of children ages 1-4 learn about normal childhood development, establishing nurturing routines and providing positive discipline.
123-magic-icon1-2-3 Magic, Ages 2-4  Appropriate child discipline can be a daunting task. This 6-session program provides easy-to-follow steps for effective ways to discipline children ages 2-4 without yelling, arguing or spanking. You'll also learn when and how your silence can speak loudest.

* This course also meets court-mandated parenting class requirement.