The School Years

MAIN-school-aged-iconHelping you care for kids ages 5-18

These quality-enrichment sessions are for parents and their children ages 5-18 with a focus on successful communication, problem solving, helpful discipline practices and other tools for developing a positive family environment. 

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Note on COVID-19: Because of the pandemic, classes will be primarily administered virtually until further notice.

mom-kid-iconNurturing Parents of Children, Ages 5-12 *
Master the challenges and skills needed for parents and children ages 5-12. This 12-week program covers a variety of topics, including family rules, appropriate behavior, effective communication, stress management, working with feelings, problem solving and social strategies.
nuturing-teens-iconNurturing Parents of Teens *
This 12-week program empowers parents and teens to communicate effectively, identify clear boundaries and gain better strategies for cooperation. Parents and teens meet separately for the first hour then come together the second hour to work on topics as a family.
staying-connect-iconStaying Connected with Your Teen

This 5-session, science-based class for parents and their teens will help parents develop positive family management and discipline practices. Parents and teens will work together to build skills for reducing risks to teens' health and safety.
123-magic-icon1-2-3 Magic, Ages 5-12 
Appropriate child discipline can be a daunting task. This 6-session program provides easy-to-follow steps for effective ways to discipline children ages 5-12 without yelling, arguing or spanking. You'll also learn when and how your silence can speak loudest.

1-2-3 Magic — Teen, Ages 13-17

Living with teens can be an adventure. This once-a-week, 7-week program will give parents and those who work with teens solid answers to everyday situations.  Topics include:

  • How to guide and transition your teen toward independence.
  • How to avoid and take the hassle out of power struggles.
  • How to maintain structure, but give your teen room to grow.
  • Why teens still need support from their parents or caregivers.

* These courses also meet court-mandated parenting class requirement.