Specialized Programs


Helping you with life's unique parenting challenges 

Parents want their children to thrive. Designed to enhance parent-to-child and parent-to-parent skills, these programs address unique situations and guide parents in navigating such difficult family situations as divorce, separation and family conflicts. You will improve communication and learn safety skills such as CPR, first aid, and rules of the road. 

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Note on COVID-19: Because of the pandemic, classes will be primarily administered virtually until further notice.


Real Talk: Circle of Parents   Parenting can be challenging at anytime, but a pandemic can make it even tougher. So let's spend a little time talking about it. We all know parenting takes plenty of work and lots of creativity. We all need support. Our new Circle of Parents program will give you safe space to discuss the ups, downs and in–between of raising children during this new time with other parenting adults. Our trained facilitators will be a great resource and helpful sounding board. Topics will change each week, but you will also get to discuss issues important to you and your family.

24/7 Nurturing Dads *

You want your kids to get the best version of you. Get the tools you need in this program that will help you be the best dad possible. This 12-week parenting program will increase your childcare knowledge and build key skills to give your child a robust future. Topics include:
  • Taking care of your children and yourself.
  • Following the rules: discipline and rewards.
  • Communication: parent to child and parent to parent.
  • Balance: work, relationships and kids.
  • Co-parenting.
divorce-iconKids First *

Children can be dramatically affected when their lives are rearranged by divorce, separation and family conflict. Put your kids first. This four-hour workshop helps parents better understand what their children experience in such situations and how to cushion the impact, giving kids a better chance at success. Parents will also improve their skills as they go from couple to co-parents.

build-better-iconBuilding Better Relationships

When the relationship between you and your partner improves, the relationship with your kids is enhanced. This 8-week course will help improve communication and intimacy with your partner. Learn to develop conflict resolution skills, establish priorities, set goals, and examine the values within your relationship.
safe-hands-iconIn Safe Hands

Learn CPR, first aid, fire prevention, child-proofing your home, water safety, gun safety, and rules of the road for bikes and cars.

* These courses also meet court-mandated parenting class requirement.