Civil War Journey: Maps & Sketches of Private Robert Knox Sneden

The exhibit opens to the public on Saturday, November 3, 2018 Civil War Journey Exhibit 250x250

Organized by the Virginia Museum of History &Culture, Civil War Journey: Maps and Sketches of Private Robert Sneden, features more than 40 original works depicting his odyssey of combat, capture, imprisonment, and deliverance.

The exhibit shows eyewitness accounts and images from Sneden's memoir and his art puts the viewer in the shoes of a Union soldier who documented the war through meticulous pen-and-ink drawings.

Serving as a cartographer (map maker) for the Army of the Potomac, Sneden was captured by John S. Mosby's troops at Brandy Station but continued to make clandestine drawings while held in the notorious Andersonville Prison as a Confederate prisoner of war.