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  1. Planning and Zoning
  1. Lucy Stoll

    City Planner

  1. Michael Hayes

    Planning & Zoning Administration Manager

  1. Steve Shapiro

    Zoning Administrator

  1. Donald Whipple

    Chief City Planner

  1. Allison Eichele

    Planning and Zoning Official

  1. David Imburgia

    Environmental & Sustainability Manager

  1. Melvion Knight

    Zoning Official

  1. Angela Leflett

    Zoning Official

  1. Property Maint. & Enforcement
  1. Kimberly Mikel

    Property Maintenance Division Manager

  1. John Millette

    Codes Compliance Inspector II

  1. James Gillie

    Codes Compliance Inspector I

  1. Thaddeus Savage

    Codes Compliance Inspector I (Rental)

  1. Donnie Harris

    Codes Compliance Inspector

  1. Gregory Simms

    Code Compliance Inspector I

  1. Montrez White

    Codes Inspector II

  1. Gary Greer

    Codes Inspector I

  1. Thea Chesson

    Codes Compliance Inspector I