Magistrates Office

General Information

The Hampton Magistrates Office operates within the Department of Magistrate Services under the supervision of the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Virginia Supreme Court. Magistrates are independent judicial officers who provide neutral and unbiased assessments of facts presented to them by both law enforcement and the public. Magistrates do not and cannot investigate crimes. Magistrates primarily conduct hearings in which they review facts presented to them by law enforcement and citizens to determine if there is probable cause to issue criminal charges. 

In addition to issuing criminal charges based on a finding of probable cause, magistrates in Hampton also:

  • Admit criminal defendants to bail or commit them to jail
  • Issue search warrants
  • Issue emergency protective orders
  • Issue mental health emergency custody orders and temporary detention orders
  • Issue medical emergency custody orders and temporary detention orders

Hours and Directions

The Hampton Magistrates Office is located at 236 N. King Street on the Pembroke Avenue side of the Hampton General District Court House. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The main office door is located on the Pembroke Avenue side of the Hampton General District Court House. It is accessible to the public on the weekends, holidays, and after 4 p.m. on days court is open. All other times, you can access the magistrates office by going through the front of the court house and passing through security. Hearings in the magistrates office are generally handled in the order in which they are requested, with some exceptions.

Legal Information

Magistrates cannot provide legal advice. If you need legal advice you should consult an attorney. No magistrate can recommend an attorney for you. If you need assistance finding an attorney, the Virginia State Bar offers an attorney referral service through its website and by phone at (800)552-7977. You can access the code of Virginia online through the Virginia Legislative Information System. 

For questions about your court date or a pending case, contact the court clerk for the court in which the case is being heard. Case information may also be available through the Virginia Judicial System website

The Magistrate may not disclose information on pending criminal charges. Please contact the Hampton Police Department at 757-727-6626 for information about outstanding warrants and summonses.

Contact the Hampton Sheriff’s Office at (757)727-6760 for information on jail inmates.

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