1619: First African Landing

The arrival of “20 and odd” African men and women at Hampton’s Point Comfort in 1619 was a pivotal moment in the nation’s history. Stolen by English privateers from a Spanish slave ship and brought to Point Comfort in late August of 1619 on a ship called the White Lion, these natives of west central Africa were later sold for food and supplies. They were the first Africans to arrive in English North America.

Hundreds of years later, a series of special events and activities are planned annually, tied to the landing date in late August.

Watch a  video on 1619 and related events: 

Also available:

1619: Virginia’s First Africans, a 14-page report prepared by the Hampton History Museum. The report explores the events leading up to the arrival, the history of early Africans in Virginia, slavery, christianity and indentured servitude.

1619 African Arrival Exhibit: Drawing on the latest research, this exhibit at the Hampton History Museum tells the story of those first Africans arrival, their home in Angola, the voyage that brought them to Virginia, and their lives on farms and plantations in the new colony.

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