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road work 20180409Welcome to the City of Hampton’s portal to all things safety. It is the go-to place for:

  1. Finding dates, times and places for all city safety training or to request training.
  2. Accessing policies, procedures, training modules, and to obtain other important information on Safety and who to contact for many specific Safety questions or to report Safety issues.  
  3. Providing input on the safety program or to report safety issues.

The Nitty Gritty

The City Manager is responsible for the safety and well-being of the City’s employees and guests.  Risk Management has been assigned the duty to help oversee this important responsibility.  

Risk Management works through the city’s department heads, safety committees and safety manager to build a citywide culture of safety excellence, and strive for continuous improvement in the prevention of accidents, injuries and to develop hazard awareness.  

This is possible through actively promoting and integrating safety and health into all elements of the city’s daily operations.  

Key elements of the city’s Safety Program

A safety program for the entire city and each department includes the participation and full support of management from the city manager, assistant city managers, department heads, directors, supervisors, and all employees.

Effective policies and procedures based on Virginia Occupational Health and Safety requirements, as well as those of other state and federal agencies that have been written after input from the employees and their safety representatives.

Expectations for all employees 

  • Actively participant in safety training.
  • Faithfully follow all safety procedures and policies.
  • Look out for each other and report issues immediately that could cause harm. 

Should you have any suggestions on improving the content of this website, please contact Risk Management at 757-727-6617.

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