COVID-19 Resources for Employees

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vaccine group web adCity Manager Mary Bunting let employees know that as of March 2, 2022, city employees are no longer required to wear face masks in the workplace. Employees who wish to continue to mask are, of course, free to do so. Masking will also become optional for members of the public.  You can read her latest message online.

COVID-19 Positive Cases and Handling an Exposure 

This section is for the Covid-19 Department Representative and when handling:

  • Positive COVID-19 Case
  • Close Contact (Exposure)
  • Notifying other Departments

Effective Aug. 30, 2022, the COVID-19 Investigative until (CIU) is closing its doors. To ensure the continuance of a safe work place, each department has chosen an individual (or more) to provide their employees with safe return to work guidance following a positive case or exposure. 

How it Works

  1. Employee reports to their supervisor. Employees must isolate away from work until they are provided return to work instruction. 
  2. The supervisor notifies their Covid-19 department representative.
  3. The Covid-19 department representative interviews the employee. 
  4. The Covid-19 department representative supplies the employee with their safe return to work date and follows-up with a call to the supervisor and an email to the supervisor with the Positive Case FORM-1. 
  5. If there are exposures, (close contacts) the Covid-19 department representative notifies the supervisor of the employee within their division or department that the employee must mask (providing them with the date determined on Exposure Log FORM-1A)
  6. If there are exposures in other departments, the department representative notifies their fellow department’s Covid-19 department representative who will notify the supervisors in their department to alert their employees.

The name of the positive employee must never be shared with anyone outside of their management team (supervisor, department head, etc.) 

Forms are not required to be kept and can be destroyed. If the department decides to keep the forms, please store them in a safe location as they are highly confidential

List of COVID-19 Department Representatives: 

COVID-19 Department Representative (PDF)

If you need to update your representative’s information, please contact the Department of Risk Management by calling 757-727-6617 or emailing

Covid-19 Positive Case Reporting Portal 

Make sure to report the case through the COVID-19 Positive Case Reporting Portal. Positive cases must be reported through the portal within 24 hours of the positive notification. 

COVID-19 Packet for Handling a Positive Case or Close Contact (Exposure)

Following a Positive Case in a City Building — Fogging Requests  

To request fogging of offices, buildings, or vehicles, please place the request through the COVID-19 Fogging Portal by clicking here: COVID-19 Fogging Request Portal (

Training for a Covid-19 Department Representative

Please contact Risk Management at 757-727-6617 or for Covid-19 Department Representative training. 

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