Hiring Steps in Detail

Step 1: Apply When the online application process opens, applicants may apply 24 hours a day at www.hampton.gov/HIRE

Fire Logo.jpgStep 2: Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) The process is designed to ensure all applicants have adequate time to learn the course and receive coaching, training, and up to three attempts to pass prior to the date of the applicant written test. The CPAT process must be successfully completed before an applicant may participate in the written test (Step 3). If the CPAT is required after an applicant is hired, the recruit must successfully complete the CPAT prior to the start of the fire academy. 

  • CPAT Orientation: allows applicants to become familiar with the course and events prior to the actual test.
  • CPAT Mentoring Program: is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. Applicants may attend as many mentoring sessions as they wish, and will received training regarding the skills required to complete the CPAT test, including how to achieve the fitness levels needed to be firefighters. If the applicant successfully completes the CPAT within the time limit, it will count as an official "Pass," and the applicant will not have to retake the CPAT. Unsuccessful applicants can continue to participate in the Mentoring Program and will have to sign up for Trial 3 (final test).
  • Successful CPAT completion is required to participate in the written testing (Step 3) and continue in the application process. Unsuccessful applicants may not continue in the current application process for which they applied. If the CPAT is configured as part of the post-hire process, the employed recruit will be required to successfully complete the CPAT prior to the start of the fire academy. Unsuccessful recruits may not continue and will be separated.

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Step 3: Written Examination Applicants must pass the CPAT to participate in the written examination. Applicants will be scheduled a time and place to take the written examination. There is no pass or fail in the examination, only a score. Examination scores are the sole property of the City of Hampton and scores are not disseminated to the applicants.

Step 4: Panel Interviews After the Division has determined the number of applicants expected to be hired, a number of applicants will be selected for a panel interview consisting of members of the Division and a representative from Human Recourses. NOTE: Not all applicants will receive an interview. However, as hiring needs arise throughout the year, applicants that were not initially interviewed may then be contacted for a panel interview.

Step 5: Conditional Job Offer Applicants that have completed the panel interview and are recommended by the panel, may be given a Conditional Job Offer. Applicants must then complete the following:

  • A 12-page Background Questionnaire.
  • Fingerprinted for Va. State Police and FBI Criminal Background History check.
  • The DSS Background Check for crimes involving children.
  • Employment verification and reference checks.
  • Submit to a polygraph examination. 
    • Applicants are scheduled for a polygraph examination and the polygraph results will be reviewed. If the results are acceptable, the applicant will move to the next step. If the results are unacceptable, the applicant is removed from the applicant pool and notified.
  • Applicants will be medically cleared through a NFPA 1582 physical. 
    • Applicants will participate in medical and drug screenings. The Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue follows the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1582 medical guidelines. If the applicant is successful and vacancies exist, the applicant will move to the final step. If the medical and/or drug screening results are unacceptable, the applicant will be removed from the applicant pool and notified. Guide to NFPA 1582 Physical.

Applicants who successfully complete all steps after the Conditional Job Offer has been made are eligible to be hired by the City of Hampton. If any of the conditions are deemed to be unsatisfactory, the City of Hampton reserves the right to withdraw the Conditional Job Offer.