Salary and Benefit Details

All firefighters are hired at the Firefighter Recruit I level with starting salary of $46,2569 per year. The salary will advance to $50,264 after successful completion of the fire academy, Advanced EMT, and field training.

Benefits: Hampton offers excellent benefits, career and professional development, tuition reimbursement, and additional benefits.

  • Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts and Employee Education Assistance
  • Paid Vacation, Personal Days, Sick Leave, Bereavement Leave, Holidays (10), and Birthday
  • VRS Retirement Plan with 1.85% multiplier, to include Hazardous Duty Supplement after 20 years
  • Defined Contribution 401(a) and 457 Hybrid
  • Refer to the city’s benefits web page and the Employee Benefits Guide for detailed information. 

Additional Incentives: Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue is committed to acknowledging our team member’s efforts furthering their education. Additional educational degrees and certifications will increase firefighters' salaries: 

  • $600 with an associate degree.
  • $800 with a bachelor’s degree.
  • $1,600 with EMT-Intermediate and five years’ service as a uniformed division member.
  • $3,300 with Virginia EMT-Intermediate certification
  • $7,000 with Virginia Paramedic certification

Firefighter's Schedule

Our firefighters work a 24-hour shift (average of 10 days a month) or 156-168 hours in a three-week cycle. 

21-day Work Cycle/52-to-56-hour workweek: 

  • Work (1) day - Off (5) days
  • Work (1) day - Off (1) day 
  • Work (1) day - Off (1) day 
  • Work (1) day - Off (1) day 
  • Work (1) day - Off (3) days
  • Work (1) day - Off (1) day 
  • Work (1) day - Off (2) days

Organizational Structure

The Hampton Fire and Rescue Division uses a para-military organizational structure: 

  • Fire Chief 
  • Deputy Fire Chief
  • Assistant Fire Chief 
  • Battalion Chief
  • Fire Captain 
  • Fire Lieutenant
  • Medic/Firefighter (EMT-Intermediate or Paramedic)
    • Senior Medic/Firefighter
    • Master Medic/Firefighter
  • Firefighter/Advanced-EMT (minimum requirement)
  • Firefighter Recruit III
  • Firefighter Recruit II
  • Firefighter Recruit I