Parks & Recreation Safety

John Deere tractorWelcome to the Department of Parks, Recreation & Leisure Services safety where employees and guests can find information on:

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The Department of Parks, Recreation & Leisure Services places a high priority on safety, both for valued employees as well as the public who use and enjoy the City’s community facilities and parks. Not only is PR&LS one of the largest City departments, but we are also one of the more diverse with regard to specific safety and risk needs which cover lifeguards at swimming pools and beaches, parks maintenance and tree crews, armed enforcement rangers, public festivals & events, farm animal care, youth programs at community & neighborhood centers, therapeutic recreation, youth & adult athletics, golf courses, and protection of museum artifacts, among others. 

While personnel are trained to specialize in areas and follow specific requirements and best safety practices related to their positions, staff at all levels are responsible for following all policies, procedures, and local, State, and Federal laws. More information on the department’s safety plans can be found through this website, or by calling the main office of Parks, Recreation & Leisure Services at (757) 727-6348. 

Parks & Recreation Safety Programs