Neighborhood Workshops

The Housing and Neighborhood Division offers workshops to support Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs) in a variety of ways. 

Workshops will take place periodically and at different neighborhood locations. These workshops will function as an open-office initiative that aims to work closely with the community, promote city services and funding opportunities, clarify any questions, and inform the community.

Upcoming Events 

  • Neighborhood Funding Workshop — Tuesday, April 4, 2023, Ruppert Sargent Building, 1 Franklin St., Hampton: This workshop is for Registered Neighborhood Organizations interested in applying for funding. Funding opportunities are available through the Community Connections Program and the Places & Spaces Program.
  • Asset Based Community Development workshop — a short course on the principles of ABCD, an approach embraced by Hampton leadership. Come learn more about the fundamentals of ABCD and how it can transform and empower your community!

For additional funding information, please visit our “Funding for Neighborhoods” and “Registered Neighborhood Organization” page.

Please return later for more information concerning upcoming workshops.

If you wish to know more about the education programs provided by Housing and Neighborhood Services, please consult the education page.

Contact us

For questions, please contact the Housing and Neighborhood Services Division at

Or call 757-727-6140 (Fax: 757-728-2449).