Solid Waste (Trash) Ordinance

Trash toter lids must be able to close with nothing sticking out.In an effort to control increasing costs of trash collection, Hampton will begin issuing violations and fines for customers who fail to follow the regulations. These measures, announced in January, went into effect July 1, 2023, to give residents time to get better acquainted with the rules and to avoid fines. 

For the first violation of a calendar year, residents will receive a written warning. For the second, a $50 fine will be issued, and for each subsequent violation a $75 fine.

General Guidelines 

  • Trash and recycling toters, bulk trash and yard waste should be placed at the curb no sooner than 3 p.m. the day before pickup and removed by midnight day of pickup.
  • Only city-provided toters can be used. If you need a second trash (fee) or recycling toter, call 757-727-8311. 
  • Place your toters with the opening to the street. 
  • Keep the trash and recycling toters 3 feet apart and 10 feet from your car. 
  • Keep them away from low power lines and tree branches. 
  • Lids must close, with nothing sticking out. 
  • Place them in front of your own property. 
  • Basketballs goals are not allowed on city streets. If they hinder trash collection, they will be removed (after warnings). 
  • Keep items separate with space in between. Do not merge bulk trash and yard waste, or bagged yard waste and piled branches.

Think you already know the rules?

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Trash Toter

Trash items must be bagged inside the bin.

  • No hazardous items
  • Nothing flammable
  • No building materials

Yard Waste

  • Grass clippings and leaves should be placed in clear plastic bags. We can’t take them to the yard waste site, where they can be used for mulch, if we can’t see in the bags.
  • Branches from trees. There should be no more than 10 cubic yards per week. That’s about the size of a standard pickup truck. Branches under 8 feet long and 6 inches in diameter. Don’t mix bulk and yard debris.


Do not bag recycling. These items are OK to recycle:

  • Plastics: No. 1 and No. 2 food, beverage, and cleaning-product containers.
  • Cardboard: Corrugated, waxed, and egg cartons.
  • Glass: All colors glass bottles and jars.
  • Metal: Food and beverage cans, aluminum cans. Pie pans and foil are OK if they are free of food.
  • Paper: Envelopes, mail, newspapers including ad inserts, computer and office paper, magazines, catalogs, brown paper bags, and phone books.


Hampton bulk waste is collected weekly on your trash day. 

  • It includes large items that will not fit into your garbage container, such as furniture, sofas, window air conditioners, appliances and mattresses. 
  • Up to 10 tires a year will be collected.
  • Doors must be removed from refrigerators.
  • Trash in black plastic bags will not be collected.

Hazardous Items

big bulk trashThese items should not be put in the trash but taken to a hazardous waste collection. View the schedule here (PDF)

  • Household Maintenance: latex paint, oil based paint, stains, solvents, glue, varnishes, adhesives
  • Automotives: gasoline and other fuels, waxes, gas/oil mixtures, brake fluid, engine cleaner, tar remover.  Motor oil and antifreeze are not accepted at most events since many communities already accept them at no charge. for more information. 
  • Lawn & Garden: insecticides, weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers, pest strips.
  • Household Cleaning: cleaners for oven, drain, toilet, septic tank etc., floor waxes, metal polishes, bleach, degreasers
  • Miscellaneous: charcoal fluids, dyes, kerosene, pool chemicals, fluorescent lights up to 8 ft,
  • Compact fluorescents (CFLs), and rechargeable batteries (alkaline batteries are NO LONGER ACCEPTED; please put in your regular trash). 

Unable to Move Your Toters?

The city will collect toters from the backyards of people who are elderly or disabled. Use the form here or call 757-727-8311 to request the service. 

A new fine system will be implemented July 1, 2023.

  • First offense: Written warning.
  • Second offense: $50 fine.
  • Third and additional in a calendar year: $75 fine.
  • In cases of too much trash at the curb or evection or moving debris left at the curb too long, the city will pick it up and bill you $250. (This can also be set up in advance.)
  • For extreme repeat violations, the city will stop picking up your trash.

Find more information on the city codes website here.

View the solid waste ordinance document here (PDF).

Special Collection Services

Hampton and other Peninsula localities hold special collections for hazardous materials monthly.