Billy Woods Canal

The Billy Woods Canal will transform an existing drainage canal into an innovative stormwater storage facility and public green space. The Billy Woods Canal project was conceptualized during the creation of Resilient Hampton’s Newmarket Creek Water Plan, which envisioned a watershed-scale multiuse trail that would also widen, naturalize, and give space to the creek and its channels to reduce flooding impacts to people and properties.

The specific goals of the project are:

  1. Increase upstream water storage in the canal to reduce downstream flooding
  2. Improve water quality following high intensity rain events
  3. Create public access to green and blue space and enhance native habitats


The existing Billy Woods Canal begins west of Neil Armstrong Boulevard where the lakes at Hampton Roads Center Business Park outfall. The canal passes under the boulevard and continues east. After passing under North Armistead Boulevard, it meets with the open water of the Back River. 


The project is in the preliminary design phase.