Stormwater Operations

The mission of the Stormwater Operations team is to promote public health and safety while reducing property damage and negative environmental impacts through proper management and maintenance of stormwater systems. This mission is accomplished by providing quality services, benefitting our citizen’s quality of life, and striving to make Hampton the most livable city in Virginia.

Stormwater Drain Basin

The Division can help with your catch basin or yard drain. Request repairs or clearings here.

Pavement cave in damage

Cave-ins occur when groundwater seeps into a crack in a stormwater pipe and carries soil with it. As the soil continues to fill the pipe, the surface above the pipe can sink. Report cave-ins here.

Ditch along a road with grass

The Division maintains ditches and drain pipes throughout the city. If you would like to request a swale cleaning or report illegal debris dumping, file a report here.

You can also request or report the following to the 311 Call Center by dialing 757-727-8311 or filling out our online form. More information is provided about these topics on our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

  • Land disturbance related requests
  • Stormwater management concerns
  • Illegal dumping
  • Flooding and stoppages
  • Stormwater billing