LEAF Project

The Green Infrastructure Center (GIC), Clean Energy Solutions Inc. (CESI), and Virginia PACE Authority (VPA) are partnering with Resilient Hampton to create new tools for community flood mitigation by addressing the needs for energy assurance, stormwater and flooding reductions, and financing options for resilient design strategy implementation. Through the Living With Water Hampton plan, Hampton has created a vision for a resilient future– this project will create a road map with tools to move from vision to implementation with actionable strategies. The LEAF (Landscape Planning, Energy Assurance, and Financing for Resiliency) Project is funded through a FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance grant and Virginia Energy.

The LEAF Project will result in the creation of three resilience tools:

  1. The Natural Infrastructure Resiliency Plan
  2. The Energy Assurance Plan
  3. The C-PACE program

These tools will allow the community to implement green infrastructure and energy solutions to increase resilience, mitigate the negative impacts of flooding, and ensure the safety and security of the city. This project will take two years and end by mid 2025.

To learn more about each project component, click on the links below. 

Natural Infrastructure Resiliency Plan
Energy Assurance Plan
C-PACE Financing