Projects Slated for the Area

Public Projects Nearby

Gloucester Street Drainage Improvements to help with flooding and drainage

Phase 1 of the Gloucester Street Drainage Improvements will create a new drainage system along Gloucester Street. It will run from Dewey Avenue to Catalpa Avenue and drain into a ditch located at the end of Wheeler Ave, north of Gloucester Street. This project was created as a response to the petition submitted to the City Council by the neighborhood in 2019. The project is under design at 90% and is expected to be finished in early 2024.

Phase 2 of the project will create a bigger place for the water to go after it is channeled to the ditch. It will begin at the outfall of Phase 1, along the rear property lines north of Gloucester Street and the school property. It will extend west to Aberdeen Road. This phase will be constructed on the City properties and the 20-foot-long public drainage easement along the rear of the school site. 

Both projects are currently under design and funded by stormwater improvement funds.