Board of Review

Board of Review Appeal Period
February 11 to April 18, 2022                  

Further Appealing the Real Estate Assessment

If you are still dissatisfied with the real estate assessment you may wish to file an application to appeal to the Board of Review. This Board of City of Hampton property owners, appointed by City Council, will hear the appeal and determine if an adjustment is warranted. The Board of Review Application can be printed from the website, mailed to you or obtained at the Office of the Real Estate Assessor in the Ruppert Leon Sargent Building. In accordance with the Municipal Code of Hampton appeals must be filed by April 15 of the year for which the assessment is made.

The Board of Review attends and participates in basic courses of instruction given by the Department of Taxation in accordance with the Code of Virginia § 58.1-206.

Applications are available on the Applications & Forms section of the website.