Information for City Council & School Board Candidates

Follow these instructions if you look to join the Council or School Board:

  • Report separately all activity for each general election, including any primary or other party process used to nominate candidates for it.
    All reports must be legible.
  • File only with the electoral board of the city where you live.

Reporting Schedule

(Candidates in a Primary Only) You must report:

  • Not later than April 15 of the election year complete through March 31
  • Eight days before the first Tuesday in March for the period ending 11 days before that Tuesday

This report is required only if a primary is actually held. It is not required if the candidate is the only candidate filed for the office or, in a multi-seat district, for the seat. That person is proclaimed the party nominee and no primary is held.

For More Information

For more information, contact the voter registrar's office at 727-6218.