Downtown Hampton Master Plan


The Downtown Master Plan (PDF) is designed to create waterfront connections between the core downtown and the waterfront. Through improved street networks, additional green space, new housing and commercial space, the plan reinforces both the historic and new urban lifestyle characteristics which create a fun and vibrant downtown experience.

The City Council approved an update to the downtown Master Plan (PDF) on June 14, 2017.

Key Elements

  • Housing – A strong emphasis on new multi-family housing in the downtown core and single-family housing in the in-town neighborhoods.
  • Commercial development - Mixed-use projects with retail and restaurant tenants on the first floor and housing and offices on the upper floors.
  • Waterfront enhancement - Development which strengthens the relationship of the downtown to the waterfront.
  • Architecture -Multi-storied buildings that are pedestrian in scale and reflect the character of Hampton with simple roof forms, traditional materials, and carefully composed facades.
  • Streets, Roads and Gateways –Street improvements to make the entrances into downtown more attractive and accessible. Transformation of Settlers Landing Road into a pedestrian-friendly main street. Enhancement of the existing street networks to provide more options for the pedestrian and the motorist.
  • Neighborhoods – New parks and infill development in surrounding neighborhoods and initiatives to upgrade and revitalize the community.
  • Critical mass – The development of sufficient clusters of housing, retail, restaurants, attractions and other businesses to position Downtown Hampton as a regional destination and vibrant neighborhood.