Buckroe Beach Master Plan


The Buckroe Master Plan (PDF) involves a series of recommendations designed to strengthen the unique identity of this beachfront community. Included are suggestions for new housing tailored to meet market demands, new and improved parks and open space, as well as housing which complements the historic beach architecture.


Key Elements

  1. Streets – improve entrances on Mallory Street, Buckroe Avenue, and Pembroke Avenue.
  2. Parks and fishing pier - improve and redesign park and open space area to promote connectivity throughout the Buckroe area. Establish new open space with trails, paths, and restored wetlands. Rebuild the former fishing pier.
  3. Housing – Create multi-family, mixed income communities. Architectural design based on Colonial and Victorian styles will reflect the coastal location of Buckroe and possess elements such as porches, awnings, and dormers.
  4. Commercial Development – Re-establish Buckroe Avenue as the community main street. This would include new commercial space and an overall mix of retail that includes small restaurants and local retail.