Kecoughtan Corridor Master Plan


The recommendations of the Kecoughtan Corridor Master Plan (PDF) are designed to build upon the strengths of diverse architecture and a traditional neighborhood environment that has kept many families in the area for several generations. Under the plan, existing commercial land uses are repositioned to attract neighborhood-serving businesses and, in some instances, rezoned in order to create new residential opportunities.

Kecoughtan Corridor

Key Elements

  • Redefine the Kecoughtan Road Corridor as a residential boulevard and neighborhood main street which will present an appropriate front door to the adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Create memorable places and events along the length of the corridor to reinforce the unique identity and history of the various neighborhoods.
  • Consolidate commercial land uses to the two existing neighborhood shopping centers.
  • Eliminate non-neighborhood-friendly commercial uses while supporting viable neighborhood-oriented businesses along the corridor.
  • Ensure new development and redevelopment preserves and enhances the essential qualities of the neighborhoods: charm, water-orientation, architectural styles and the rich history of the area.
  • Establish connections to existing and proposed open spaces, the water, schools and other public facilities.
  • The establishment of new neighborhood gateways and improved public landscaping and infrastructure are hallmark components of the plan.