King Street Corridor Master Plan


The recommendations of the North King Street Master Plan (PDF) focus on recognizing the Corridor's primary function as an important transportation artery which serves as the "front door" for many adjacent neighborhoods as well as an important gateway to Langley Air Force Base. The goal is to develop a long-term vision with associated strategic initiatives that will redefine the most appropriate role for the North King Street Corridor.

Key Elements

  1. Street Improvements- create pedestrian friendly roadways and establish safe connections for pedestrians using walking and bicycle trails.
  2. Key Intersections- devise a phased strategy to correct North King Street and its major intersections.
  3. Design the corridor to complement and support adjacent land uses
  4. Encourage land uses that reflect market realities and a commercial tenant mix that provides for reinvestment and future growth
  5. Introduce new residential development around the Selden Farm and John Tyler Elementary School
  6. Celebrate North King Street's historic significance
  7. Provide open space amenities and community access to Newmarket Creek
  8. Encourage infill development in the Old North Hampton neighborhood