Commissioner of the Revenue


The office of the Commissioner of the Revenue is established by the Constitution of Virginia. The commissioner is elected every four years to serve as the chief assessing officer of a locality. The duties of the commissioner are as follows:

Registering Personal Property

Personal property includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers and boats. Businesses also pay tax on personal property used in a trade or business, including but not limited to furniture, fixtures, machinery and other equipment.

Assessing Personal Property

According to the Code of Virginia, personal property when assessed for taxation must be assessed at fair market value. Annually, using pricing guides like the National Automobile Dealers Association and tables based on purchase prices the commissioner will assess over 150,000 items.

Administering Business Taxes

Business taxes include business license, business personal property, machinery and tools and excise taxes.

Administering Public Service Corporation Taxes

Public service corporations include power companies, phone companies and railroads. These taxes are assessed in cooperation with the State Corporation Commission and the Virginia Department of Taxation and billed every 6 months.