Individual Income Tax

Details on Individual Income Tax

The commissioner of the revenue's office assists the Virginia Department of Taxation in the annual processing of individual income tax returns for Virginia citizens. Last year our office served over 42,000 customers. Our services include:

Electronic Filing

Find out about electronic filing of qualifying federal and state current year income tax returns. Access additional information (PDF) about electronic filing.


We are a source of answers to any questions you may have regarding Virginia Individual Income Tax.

Preparing & Filing Virginia State Income Tax Returns

This is for residents, nonresidents and part-year residents for current and prior tax years without regard to income or other criteria. Learn more (PDF) about the process.

Problem Resolution

Through secure messaging and other resources, we have a direct line to the Department of Taxation to assist you in resolving any issues.

Quarterly Estimate Payments

The commissioner's office directly accepts the first declaration and payment. All other payments are submitted directly to the treasurer, attention: Leslie Suttle. Note: This service is only available in person or through the mail; payments for this tax cannot be accepted through the electronic payment options available on this site.